Can you put too much rosin on a bow? – Learn Piano For Kids Numbers

Can you put too much rosin on a bow? – Learn Piano For Kids Numbers

You should be happy to know I don’t do that. The rosin in the bow I’m not using, I’m using as a lubricant, I’m using it to help soften the lead. I also use it to give the glue a little more texture.

So it’s basically a grease.

It is.

Let’s talk about the bow.

I take a small bowl that’s about 8″ x 20″, and I fill it about three-quarters full with rosin. Let it sit for about another hour before you pull it. The first time you pull on it, you feel it rub off into the bowl, but when you put it back together, it’s just as fresh and clean as it was when you made it.

How many arrows do I make a day?

I start with about 100. It depends on how much you get done, the amount of arrows you need to make, and how many you have on hand. So it depends on how many arrows you want to make. If you’re just making it for your own pleasure, you might want to cut the bow in half and make each side as long as possible.

You make as many arrows as you think you’ll need to make in a day.

Let me put it this way. If you’re making 30 arrows per day, you’re going to have a lot of arrows left over. If you’re making 100 arrows per day, you’re going to have a little bit of time left over…

How many hours do you spend building bows, the day you go out to shoot it?

Yeah, it depends what kind of bow you’re making. For the normal beginner, I’d say about seven to 10 hours a day, but at the most, it might be up to 14 hours a day, depending on where I’m shooting it and how often I have to shoot it. If I’m shooting in the woods and I need to make arrows every two days, I probably set aside five hours to work on the bow.

And how do you get the glue on it?

It takes practice and practice and practice and practice. I use wood glue because I don’t have a lot of experience working with hard wood. I use water for a little bit in my shop because I know that it holds the glue better. Water also doesn’t hold the glue, if you want it to stick as good as wood glue does.


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