Can I start playing violin at 16? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Kids Size

Can I start playing violin at 16? – Is It Hard To Learn Violin Kids Size

I’ve always wanted to do that, but this seems much tougher on the brain.

The answer is that the brain changes throughout life to a greater or lesser extent as you age so you may or may not find that your musical instrument choices can be made earlier in life.

A good rule of thumb, though: don’t get your dreams in the first few years of your life. You may be able to start at 12 and make a lot more progress in your musical pursuits when you’re 28.


Do you have any tips for making your first instrument a hit? Let me know in the comments!

This post was written by Laura from the Sweet Sound of Art School.

The Federal Communications Commission approved new net neutrality rules today. They open the door to much more competition in the TV and internet service market, and will give the FCC’s rules broader leeway to police internet providers. But the rules still leave too much power in the hands of cable companies, and could ultimately allow ISPs to block or slow some services and websites or charge extra to reach some consumers.

The new rules establish a public interest standard for internet service providers (ISPs), ensuring that they won’t block, throttle, or prioritize websites, apps, or online services for financial gain. They also prohibit internet providers from blocking or slowing traffic from any content providers who want to make money from traffic delivered over their networks.


These are important moves, but critics say they still leave the Internet unfettered for some ISPs, particularly larger ones that have an unfair advantage over their smaller rivals. They say the new rules don’t go nearly far enough, making it difficult for consumers to know how their content will experience speeds.

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“It still gives them some kind of advantage over the smaller ISPs that don’t get that favorable treatment,” said Adam Parascandola, a law professor at the University of Maryland, who served on the FTC’s review panel. “They won’t be throttled, but they’ll lose customers. And they’ll have the ability to block some websites.”

For small ISPs, the net neutrality rules could hurt them

Net neutrality isn’t quite as straightforward as the FCC described it in the press release today. Unlike the Title II regulations that govern the current internet, the new rules will not apply to ISPs that don’t own networks. Under these rules, an ISP could block, throttle, or pay extra for service that a competitor sends. In that case, “neither

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