Can I start learn violin at 30? – How To Learn Violin Faster Car 1

Can I start learn violin at 30? – How To Learn Violin Faster Car 1

Can I learn violin at 40? Can I learn violin at 20? How much does the piano cost? Is there anything I should know about that? And that’s just for some songs, a lot of music requires a lot of practice. I started playing music really early, at 16 and I didn’t really know much about music so it was a tough time. I knew a lot about what I was doing. When I started the music I was still doing all the studies, trying to become a good violinist, try to study violin so I can study with the best people. A lot of things. A lot of people told me, oh that’s not a good idea, how do you learn so much music from so little time and everything.

How did you think learning violin from such a young age went?

It was pretty hard. I learned really fast in one time. I started playing as late as 4 or 5 years old, I played at 11. And I really started working for it. When I was in eighth grade I did my third year in school. I started playing violin in fifth grade. Then I tried to become good at it too. In seventh grade I became good at it but by ninth grade I really decided I had to start working. Before I started to work, I tried to learn everything I could but I was too young so everything was really slow.
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When did you find the right place to start learning? Was it a piano lesson club? Did you have to attend a piano school?

I came to a studio, they have a small place called the Boca studio, I came to just listen to music and practice for about 3 weeks, and then once I had enough time I started to work as much as I could. I started in seventh grade and started playing for an orchestra, the New York Symphony. The orchestra was just about the orchestra department but also for their professional music. And I got to start practicing a lot more as the year turned out. When did you start to focus on your instrument as well?

I started to concentrate really hard on a particular instrument, you know. At age 6 my parents bought me an instrument, a violin. I started working it and playing a lot. When I started getting into music my mother told me to take my violin and play more piano because I was playing a lot right from the start, I was playing all my instruments really well and I was having a good time.

What are the major challenges you

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