Can I learn violin at 40? – Learn Violin Online App

Can I learn violin at 40? – Learn Violin Online App

Yes! It is easy, affordable and, at the very least, will be beneficial to your success as an instrumentalist. We’ve been teaching professionally for 20 years and our violin and music education program is still the most comprehensive and affordable instrument training in America. We also offer violin lessons for children who play the instrument in school and for home beginners. See all of our music-training options!

Do I need a concert violin to learn how to play music?

Absolutely! This is a wonderful instrument that all players are encouraged to play. There’s a time and a place for all of it! We offer a violin school that focuses on teaching you how to play well.

Are all the lessons offered at this school for children and adults?

All of our lessons are at home or by phone. There is no separate studio to rent, but we do have individual lessons for students who wish to work at home with us.

Which instruments is offered at the concert school?

We offer violin lessons for everyone and all age groups. But, because we are so unique, our studio is dedicated exclusively to our students! We have a full instrument library full of the most advanced American violins and violas of the past 100 years.

Can I take lessons from an acoustical professional?

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