Why do cricket pitchers run? – How To Learn Kung Fu At Home Step By Step In Tamil

Why do cricket pitchers run? – How To Learn Kung Fu At Home Step By Step In Tamil

Why do batsmen go for one-dayers when the pitch changes? Why do you do yoga when a match is on? You’ve got all these questions, and I think in life, you need to get past them, get to what your real calling is, and that’s to be an athlete.”

Frazer Harrison is a senior editor for ESPNcricinfo

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I recently read a book by a man named Michael Mauboussin and it made an impact on me. In it, Mauboussin discussed the fact that the United States is the only nation in the developed world that fails to provide any sort of universal healthcare to its citizens. He writes:
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The fact is that health is the number one issue facing our country. In every major city in the country, from Denver all the way to Tampa, the public-policy debate is focused on how to make the American health care system the best in the world. If the public-policy debate had focused not on where health care should be provided, but on the health care services provided, we would have a much more effective, efficient and free health system. (p. 5)

In his book, he outlines a simple strategy for accomplishing universal healthcare, which is to create a single-payer system. While his plan sounds radical, and it certainly would be a difficult undertaking, I believe that it is achievable.

The reason I believe it is possible is very simple: there is a large, largely invisible segment of Americans that is entitled to healthcare services without having to pay for those services. I have often heard people say this group are people who don’t work. However, since they don’t work, I will refer to them as “consumers.” I believe that the “consumers” are the reason we can achieve universal healthcare. They are the people that will make the ultimate sacrifices in a campaign to achieve universal healthcare.

Let’s assume that we are the only country in the developed world that does not provide universal healthcare. We would need to pass legislation to do so. For reasons of this article, I believe that universal health care is impossible, even with the most basic legislation and legislation passed in other advanced countries.

It wouldn’t even be enough to cover the uninsured, but that is the point. There are millions of Americans who will make the ultimate sacrifices to take care of the ill or injured, and are therefore not required to pay for it. And we all understand

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