What note is higher than C? – How To Sing Notes On Sheet Music

What note is higher than C? – How To Sing Notes On Sheet Music

Why yes it is the top note. If you look at the C scale as a complete chromatic scale and not a series of enharmonic tones, the C# is higher than the E, F, A and D as you can easily determine from the diagram above.

“The key of C# is the C chord of the same name, the root of this chord is an octave higher than that of the lowest C note. Also, since C# is the same note as the root note of the C chord, any C chord can be used in a minor pentatonic mode (C# -> A -> C, C# -> B -> F, and so on), which can then be extended to other scales using the major pentatonic mode (C# -> A -> B, A# -> C -> F).

“Since C# is similar to the major key chord (C, Eb, A or D), its use in the minor pentatonic mode allows a minor pentatonic scale to be created by repeating this scale. This is the basis of the blues, as it has a great deal of rhythmic and melodic potential (a little too much to do justice by describing it here).

“Here are the C pentatonic chords, played the way I’m going to describe them in a few lines. I’ve used a short ii-V progression to set up the melodic lines below but I can just as easily play them in a standard IV-V-I arrangement:

“II-V, C, C, A, B-C”

“V, C, C, B-E”

“VI, C, C, C-F”

“G, C, D, E-F#”

“A, C, C, G, F#”

“C, G, D, G, G#”

“VI, G, D, G, A#”

“VIII, G, F, G-A#”
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That’s it: the C# pentatonic scale, which consists of the two C and G chords and a minor pentatonic scale starting from the C chord of the same name. It’s played by taking the notes that you hear above and playing them at higher or lower notes using the same fingerings.

“Now here’s the C minor pentatonic scale, starting from the C chord of the same

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