What is tone in music terms? – El Perdon Nicky Jam How To Learn Singing Notes Clip

What is tone in music terms? – El Perdon Nicky Jam How To Learn Singing Notes Clip

It’s an internal dialogue. Tone is a kind of “tone” – that’s what we call it on radio all the time. I’ve often asked myself, what kind of language does a song have to convey if it isn’t “good music”?

Tone is a function of how people respond to whatever is being said, not of how it’s received. When people are told to shut up or move along, to let go, the music can’t move them. In a situation like that, the most important tone should always be the one people make for themselves in the world. Sometimes a song can do just that; sometimes it can do the opposite.

What does tone mean for your music?

Tone means a little more than just an emotional response. Tone is about creating something for the listener. I like music that is both creative and uplifting, because that’s when you begin to get something. In the case of “You’re The One,” our first demo, the most important sound of the track was the sound of the audience. They weren’t getting any message from it – they weren’t getting any feeling from it — but they didn’t care. They were going “Oh, that’s the sound of ‘This is my life’,” and they were in sync with that message. If you are going to make a music experience, the more you make sense for the listener, the more they feel something from it.

In The One, it was hard to make music that would move a crowd. That was because for me, music is most powerful if it’s about something. If you only have one thing in your life, it’s music. It’s not just music — it’s the art of listening to music.

“Everybody has their own world … This is the one.”
Jazz at Flight 102 | Brianne's Blend

I often say that life can be like a big, beautiful symphony, with all the pieces of music falling into accord, so that each piece takes a different course and takes its turn. Every piece has to do its own work, but at the last moment, you’re all together. Nobody wants to see that happen. So I try to keep people’s expectations in the right hands.

My music moves people where I want them to go, and they respond beautifully. For this song, it had to do two things: One, it had to have some kind of movement. And two, it had to bring people together. There’s another way to do that with

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