What is the rarest female voice type? – Learning To Sing App

What is the rarest female voice type? – Learning To Sing App

I’m thinking about the unusual sounds I hear in female vocal range and whether I know a gender when I’m singing. I think it’s one of the best ways to think about the range of voices.

Can you name the 3 most common male vocal types? I am thinking about the more extreme range of male voices. I am not trying to say gender is a binary or gender roles, but I’ve heard so many different male voices from so many different artists.

I’d like to know more about the common male and female vocal characteristics…are they the same and different depending on the song, performer and style?

It seems like most questions have one of these answers.

I was born with my vocal cords fused to my head. When I was five years old I was in the hospital and a specialist put 3 metal rods in me and tried to open my airways. It couldn’t quite open and I couldn’t speak properly. Since that time I have had 3 metal rods placed to my throat that were threaded through tiny channels so the air could pass and I have a small slit in it. It has changed for the better. Now that I can speak I do speak differently. My voice is more like a high-pitched yodel. I can’t talk clearly. I’m very sensitive and want to be heard and heard well.

Does this affect how my voice sounds? My voice is still different but so many people find me beautiful now!

It only affects the quality of my voice and tone. It just affects the way you sound at home.

My voice is very different from a child’s voice. How can I train it to sound natural again?

A lot of singers start doing lip synchronization or singing with your voice. Just sing one or two lines and you’ll sound better. I don’t recommend getting involved in that because I think it’s not always safe for singers to sing live without lip sync.

When there is a lack of vocal ranges in a family it is usually caused by a family member. In that case, the voice should be found the family and the voice can be trained.

How long to take vocals while they are young? I think it’s the same from all age ranges.

Some vocalists are singers and some are not. Some singers try to sound older and make it look that way for publicity, just as some musicians try to sound older as a gimmick. I see more singers in the 60-70 range

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