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Is F the “F” in Fuego?

The “F” is the key of the word “fat” and the word “goose” as in “the goose went where the goose should go” (The goose that laid the golden egg). The F is the key of “fat” in both these cases. When the word “goose” is pronounced as though it were a noun, like “golden,” you get “golden gooses.” If you say “golden goose” by accident, then it has a different meaning: the same “golden-golden” goose. The F-mark was added in 1552.

How did it first appear on a coin?

It is said that the first coins had a mint mark (or a letter, depending on the variety) with a circle around it. This circle became the symbol for the U.S. Mint after the Civil War.

How did it spread from there?

It is believed that the original mark became a popular place for coins to be marked, as well as for collectors to purchase coins. In the 1920s and 1930s, these markings appeared on other types of coins, as well.

Can you buy F-marked coins today?

Yes, there is a coin series with the “F-marked” dates that includes an obverse design and a reverse design. Also, a smaller “F-marked” series with a smaller circle in the center is available.

What happens to F-marked coins that are not worn?

The coins will come with a “F-marked” series that is available in two sizes: Small and Large, at $0.95 each.

Do the F-marked coins have any redeeming value?

There is one redeeming value of the F-marked coins: They are a nice reminder of the U.S. Mint’s history. There is no other value in F-marked coins. Coins made with the same “F” as in the current series will also come in two types of F-marked series: Small and Large at $0.80 and $0.80, respectively.

Will my F-marked coins be accepted at a dealer?

Yes. A dealer dealer will accept F-marked coins from you.

Will people who buy F-marked coins from me buy these coins knowing that I have these coins and will sell them to others?


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