What is the highest key to sing in? – Learn How To Sing For Beginners Hindi

A. What is the number of keys it takes to say the song.

The keys to the higher notes is very difficult to learn, but very much easier to perform. (The same is true in lower notes for most chords.)

B. What is a key signature of your voice? (i.e. the notes which produce a particular sound.)

C. Is you a singer or singer/songwriter? Is your instrument (laptop, guitar, guitar amp, etc)? Are you a professional musician or just a good singer?

D. Would you recommend any teacher at all?

E. Have you ever had a successful song in your repertoire?

The answer of C, and to a lesser extent D, is no. (But you do not need to be professional to perform in public.)

It is very normal and healthy that if you are a singer that people may ask you to sing. You will sing more in a given area if you have a great sound.

But, unless you are a professional, a regular performer, or just somebody who loves singing, the most important factor is to be true to yourself and to what your natural voice can do.

If a song is easy then you sing it easily. If you are singing more difficult words or phrases you may need a good accompaniment. I prefer my harmonica when on the road.
Taweez Unplugged Lyrics – Vibhas | Mr Faisu New Hindi Song

Many guitarists, singers, and jazz musicians do a very good job at singing without a piano or guitar. Some, like Glenn Gould have had an impressive career without one. The same holds true for many singers and songwriters. You have to do great things (and not just try to be a singer or do lots of solo singing) before you get to that stage.

For the rest of you though you don’t need a regular accompaniment! It is very normal and healthy that when you sing the words of a song (and are unable to play it), you sing it from memory at the end of your performance. It will seem strange and odd in the beginning, but gradually will seem not far off.

If you are really good at writing it down the words will come naturally to you.

You can record it if you like. My method on my iPod works well, but you can also write down the chords if you feel you will need them. However, don’t get discouraged if you find that you need to record it on your phone.

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