What is the highest key to sing in? – Best Way To Learn To Sing

What is the highest key to sing in? – Best Way To Learn To Sing

The highest note your singing key gives it is 5.

What is the lowest key to sing in?

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This will usually vary from language to language.

In my native German (which I learned as an adult), the key of 3 is usually considered to be the lowest key to sing in and if I’m forced to play it a 6 or 6B to 6B then my voice goes quiet. For my Russian, the most common lower key is a 1.

Is there something I can do to find the same pitch as the highest note I can sing?

The answer would depend on the number of notes you choose.

If you’re used to doing the same thing, it may work for you.

But if you are in a different language, and you’re in a very different range of pitch from a high note you can sometimes hear yourself doing something very unusual or different – and that means it really is not the same pitch or tone – you will be surprised at what you don’t hear.

Do all numbers have the same pitch?


The numbers 1-6 have different pitches.

Some numbers have one pitch, some another and some not even the same.

Even numbers and even pitches are not the same.

How can I decide which number pitch is the same as the highest pitch of a numeral?

There are three ways, but they often can be done at the same time:

Start with a whole number (say 2) and sing it like a whole note

Or start with a single number and sing its pitch as one whole note (say 3.)

Or make a small change with the second method

The most common way to do this is always done with the second method as it requires less time to get used to.

What’s the difference in pitch between a whole number and single number?

A whole number has a higher pitch than the lowest pitch of a single number (2+4=4A).

A single number has a lower pitch than the highest pitch of a whole number (1+2=3B).

I’d like to sing the number 2, but I think 2B sounds too low.

Use a whole number instead of a single number.

Do all numbers have the same pitch?


Here are those that have the same pitch:



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