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We are all on the same timeline. We are all living our dreams. Some of us have more and others less. Some of us are more successful than others and others have less success. Some of us are smarter and others are less smart. Some are lucky and some are not lucky. We have all started out like this and it’s all going to change. The people that are successful, those that have been successful before, will be people that are more successful than others in the future. Our lives are a series of steps toward realizing our dreams. We will live in a time where there will be the biggest amount of money and people that own the greatest amount of things that we’ve ever seen. People that have been successful before will live in this time and people that haven’t had success will live in the same time.

The following is how we define success:

Having fun and being happy. Being successful is making money, being a successful person/celebrity, being a celebrity, being in the media. Having good relationships, living a good life.

Have a lot of money and be in the media. The more money, the better.

Have good relationships. The more friends, family, and relationships you have, the better.

Live a good life. Be kind, compassionate and non-judgmental.

Be in the media. You are going to change the world in 20 years. Be a part of history for the good of mankind. (Think about the TV networks)

Be in the biggest company. Get to the top.

Have money and be successful.

Be an influential figure. Get noticed.

Be popular, in the media, and in the world.

Be famous, have power, and be successful.

Get famous and get famous.

Get on TV and have a role.

Be on the big stage. Make a famous entrance or entrance. Get noticed and seen.

The world is always changing.
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I’ll always be a part of that. I hope I’m a part of something big for the long-term.

Who cares if everybody else wants to do this?

You can have everything that I have, or we will live in an era where the people that make it on the big-time are the ones that are most successful. The people that create the wealth and the people that have the money will be the ones that go on to the

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