What happens if you sing too high? – How To Learn Music At Home In Tamil

What happens if you sing too high? – How To Learn Music At Home In Tamil

Is the low end of your voice overcompensating for the high end of your singing? The short answer is… No. The low end only plays a small part in producing the high end. The same is true for singing to your own specific pitch range. There are certain parts that you need to hear over and over again to be able to sing at a certain pitch range.

How does it sound if your voice is too thin? You will hear only a very small part of you voice.

Why can’t my voice be just “right?”

When I was in college, I taught voice coaching for many years to young voice beginners. I was very successful in reaching my students at a certain pitch. It wasn’t a problem. That’s why I’m so happy that more and more teachers are trying to reach their students over the long haul.

When I started teaching, my students were generally over-dramatic with their low vowels. Now that they are younger, these young voices have begun to lose the high vowels and have began to sing in a more exaggerated manner. This creates a problem–what about the over-dramatic voice of today?
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When an instructor over-dramatically talks about what he thinks a voice looks like, he leaves the student in the dark.

When a teacher over-dramatically talks about what a voice sounds like, he leaves the student in the dark. He is giving the student false hope.

Most teachers over-dramatize.

Why can’t most teaching techniques help teach the true range of a singer’s voice?

When I was in college I did vocal training with a professor who taught the technique of playing a specific sound. He would then talk about his feelings about it and then would tell me the best way to change things so I could go over and listen to myself. He said, “I’ll give you a number.” He gave me a number, and I put it to him and he said, “Well, you’re singing too high. Let’s start you down where your voice will be more in control.” I was amazed. I said, “Oh, OK.” I put him through some kind of vocal training which eventually led to the kind of voice that I wanted to sing.

When I first started learning, I never considered myself to be a good singer (to be honest, I never considered myself even to be a good singer). I thought I was great

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