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It’s a term you’ll understand by the time you hear this. Perfect pitch is an ear measurement between 0 and 100 Hz, and is a way of telling whether your hearing can generate an audio signal with a given level of low frequency energy.

Perfect pitch sounds like a perfect circle. And it is exactly that, by definition! It is the best thing about perfect pitch. Perfect pitch makes for a better listening audience, no matter what age, or where you are in your career, perfect pitch helps connect an audience to the performers they love the most.

To hear about perfect pitch and its importance, see: How to know if your sound is perfect, and how it should help you improve your sound.

The ideal range for perfect pitch is between 70 and 100 Hz.

That is, every speaker should be able to output between 70 and 80 Hz at normal volume levels. This is usually measured using a tone table, an ideal setting for a good listener.

The most common tone tables have a range of 6 to 24 hertz, but if you can, you should aim for 8 hertz, preferably 8 hertz to 20 hertz. Some modern studio monitors have ranges above 20 Hz, so your perfect pitch won’t be perfect at those volumes.

Perfect pitch is not about ear positioning or listening distance. This is just a measurement of the natural range of human hearing. Your ear is a perfect conductor of sound. Perfect pitch only helps you detect the difference between a speaker’s level and the sound you’re hearing.

Perfect pitch is not a measurement.

Perfect pitch is about your listening experience.

Good quality audio must be easy to follow. Your tone table is designed so that it takes as much effort as possible to tell which speaker was the best. So there is little that you need to think about when you’re listening to your music, since we all have a good idea of what was being produced. Perfect Pitch makes that easy.

It all begins with measuring:

The frequency of the sound you’re hearing

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The distance between speakers (see below)

As you measure, you want to make sure that your microphone stays at the right height and that you hear the level at each speaker equally.

One of our speakers, the Beyerdynamic T1, is the perfect example of this. As I pointed out previously, this sound shows a perfect curve and has a relatively low output level. We’d rather have a very

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