Is it hard to learn to sing? – Which Is The Easy Key To Learn Singing Psalms Youtube

Is it hard to learn to sing? – Which Is The Easy Key To Learn Singing Psalms Youtube

The fact is that it’s not impossible. There are great examples of people who have been able to sing without any sort of problem. They all had different musical backgrounds. For instance, Joan Osborne did not have any formal training, but she was able to sing while her mother was away at war, as well as singing a couple of times through the Blitz.

The only thing that you really need is the ability to read music and feel musical pleasure, and also do the other things that are necessary – like learning a piece and then being able to play it, and then going onto the studio and doing it again. It isn’t that hard. If you have a good ear then you can do all these different exercises.

Why did you choose to write music?

Well, it has always been a dream of mine from childhood to be a music teacher. I want to get the experience of doing that. My parents don’t really understand how much it is costing in terms of the education that has gone in. I really need to have my education. They have never been that supportive of my interests in music.

But my dream of being a musician is still in the air. That’s why I am so eager to take an interest in it more, because I’m also passionate about being a teacher.

What do you think distinguishes the most successful piano players?

If the definition is very simple, then it would be all musicians. They have to possess a certain ability to connect to a piano, to feel the strings, to feel the keys and the hand, and to feel the pianist’s energy, and that has to come from the heart, not the head.

What’s the most important piece for a professional pianist to master?

It is difficult to define the most important piece for a pianist, because each one has a different personality. So what can you say? It doesn’t have to be any particular piece, but in the beginning you have to build up an emotional attachment to an instrument.

It could be a classical piece or something more contemporary. It can be a piece that is in the past. A piece that is a response to the present.

What if you were to sit down and play all the great pieces in the piano library from the past, and the future?

I would say that a pianist should be able to listen very easily to every piece. If he knows every piece he could probably learn a lot more.

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