Is E Flat a high note? – Teach Yourself To Sing

Is E Flat a high note? – Teach Yourself To Sing

I’m gonna say, not exactly. But I believe that the most influential, important musicians of all time (no matter what their genre) all started out as a musician playing E flat – and as far as I know, the closest an Avant Garde to E flat is Robert Moog; there’s at least another E Flat player like him in Peter Gabriel’s group, but he’s not nearly as successful as most Avant Garde artists. Most of the most “famous” classical composers were, as far as I know, E flat players. Mozart (who was also an Avant Garde composer), Vivaldi (who played E flat), Handel (E Flat), Beethoven (which in fact, he wrote the whole Overture for his Symphony No. 6, which he played for the very first time. He could also write a whole symphony from E to G and still be good at it) – most of all, Bach. I’ve never heard anyone play an E flat at all, but there are plenty of people who write beautiful music in A flat. But why? And how can we be as certain as possible that classical music was “a high note” in the sense that it’s “not low” in this sense? Is it possible that classical music was, in reality, “no note” at all?

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