Is a contralto voice rare? – Good Songs To Learn Singing Notes Images

Is a contralto voice rare? – Good Songs To Learn Singing Notes Images

Yes, but don’t think I have to be some kind of contralto. This was a challenge for me as an aspiring actor, as I’m very introverted and shy, so I had to train myself to use the vocal cords in the way that I enjoy. I’ve been going from an ‘A’ to a ‘C’ at my local piano since age 3 at least and I’ve never even heard a contralto. I’ve been wanting to use my singing voice for a while but it’s hard because singing in an orchestra is much more demanding than singing in a small room with a closed-circuit voice recorder where you’ve got to maintain control. At the same time, I haven’t been much good at playing a musical instrument for the past 20 years so it’s a bit of a transition. It sounds better when I sing, but this is the first time I’ve been doing anything as a full-time job. I’ll be auditioning for a few different radio and TV stations next year and so far the reactions have been really positive.”
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The two-piece band, with bassist/vocalist Jeff “The Professor” Hainey (born in 1976), lead singer/guitarist Matt Koffman (born in 1978) and drummer Matt Linton (born in 1977) played a mix of music, including traditional song- and jazz-based numbers, along with other originals. From their first song (“Dance Me”, a collaboration with the late David Byrne), to their closing track “What Do You Mean”, to their many hits, “You Belong With Me”, “Dancing in the Dark”, “Tennis The Menace” and many others, the two-piece are an institution here in New York. With the success and the continued dedication of the members and their loyal fans, the band is likely to play on for a long time to come.

The pair continue to pursue other musical projects and plans to open a successful bar in NYC in the near future. And to celebrate, the group has released a beautiful compilation (pictured below) of their best material. The music is available for download and in CD form (and available on vinyl, as well). The CD features 10 songs (five songs from “Dance Me”, 11 songs from “Moby Dick”) and the album is released October 23, 2009 and available for delivery in vinyl, digital format and CD format; all for a price of $14.95.

About the album:

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