How is plywood made? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms Monks Chanting

How is plywood made? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms Monks Chanting

One of the key components in our design is that the finished piece cannot be cut so it must be assembled piece by piece. This is a tedious process and it takes a lot of skill and creativity. A large part of that skill comes from the woodworkers who are helping us to make the product.

How is the finished piece assembled in 3D printer?

When the wood has arrived, we have to cut one of the pieces of plywood to be used in the frame. The cutting part is done in the woodworking shop and after the piece has got finished, we have to start using it on the finished frames.

There has to be an appropriate depth for the framing of the frame to be assembled. We usually choose to place the frame in such a way, that the edge of the plywood would have an appropriate depth and it is important to know if this needs to be adjusted. When a piece is cut, it must be cut as it was made. A very simple way is an X-Acto knife and a piece of paper are attached to the blade. If you use it correctly, it will cut through the surface of the edge of the plywood and it has to be kept in that way.

How does it affect the life of the board?

Depending on the size of the frame, it can cause some problems. Most of the woodwork used in the woodworking is plywood. In order to avoid this problem, we sometimes put a piece of wood on the back of the frame in order to hold the frame in place. But, this could create some problems like the frame might not close completely. And it might be important that there is also an adequate space on the back of the frame to hold the board.

What happens to the raw material if it gets damaged?

Our woodworkers often need to be replaced. We do so when the wood quality gets affected and there is a need to have a replacement. In the case of a fire or some other problem, we still have people who work on the wood. However we only need to replace those who are on hand.
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Is the plywood free?

Yes, every part of the woodwork is free to repair or replace.

Does the plywood require any special maintenance?

It depends on the quality of the plywood. Plywood is not perfect, and after being used for years, the quality starts to degrade. That happens for a reason and that’s

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