How do I know if I can sing? – Learn To Sing App

How do I know if I can sing? – Learn To Sing App

All of you know the answer if you are a singer but you don’t know how to get through the audition process if you don’t have a voice. It’s the same for singing in a band.

I want to sing. How do I get started or join a band?

Start out by taking music therapy, if you haven’t already gone that route. It is the best way to learn how to sing and it will give you the confidence to get into auditions. I have a free program called the New Music Therapy Program. It is also worth a few minutes out online at

I don’t like singing. What can I do about it?

One important way to learn how to sing is to study or listen to music. This will help you learn which voices are your best fit and which ones are too much for you, because some of the voices that you like can be very difficult for your voice to imitate and it takes a lot of practice. One thing we love doing at the group house is making a big list of voices that we don’t like!

I want to sing. How do I get started?

First step, sit down and look at what instrument your interested in. If you like the same instrument a lot, try to find out what the best singers can do for it and try those. The best is a very high pitched, hard to imitate (or make it difficult to sing).

When you are doing your research, go outside and play music that involves your instrument. If you are thinking about becoming a singer, look for bands that play your instrument. You also can get a list of musicians at the groups website. You also can ask musicians at your school to recommend bands that they like. You can always get some friends to audition. They can pick a few singers. Some of them may not have played your instrument, but they will at least have good music background. If you look through those, it’s almost impossible to have a good vocal. But if you go out and practice your instrument (and practice it hard) you are going to find that it does come around and you can become a better singer than you thought!

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I’ll be a singer. How do I get started?

If you think that it’s something you want to do, take a little time to read about it. It’s a great way to learn to sing without any experience. You can find it online

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