Do females have falsetto? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms Cd Collection

Do females have falsetto? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms Cd Collection

Yes. Are males different? Yes, they do!

When the female has achieved a dominant position, the male, who is already an alpha male, becomes dominant as well.

If his partner is in a subordinate position, he may try to use his vocalizations and body postures to increase his mate count as much as possible, because it benefits his mate!

However, if he is in a submissive position, the “attention” he gives is more subtle.

This sounds very confusing, I know. But it is important to understand that dominance relationships are different than a submissive relationship.

One person can be dominant over a person in a submissive manner. The situation is the same.

But, they are not equal in that they are not able to “control” the behavior of the other person. They are not in the same position.

A dominant over a submissive is one who takes more responsibility for the behavior of the other person, than the other person takes for the behavior of him.

When a dominant and a submissive person interact, in this dominant and submissive interaction, both partners must acknowledge the other’s dominance of themselves and the “power” of their behaviors.

As my husband pointed out, in their interaction at the spa when the male was in a submissive position and the female was in a dominant posture, “We were both in the same situation. She was the top and he was the bottom.”

When a male and a female are in a dominant and submissive manner, the person who is in the dominant posture is the one who is in control.

She is the one who decides what is being done by herself and what she wants to happen. This is when she makes the choices that directly relates to her self-worth.

It is this dominance that allows her to take charge.

She does not think about making choices, she just wants what is hers. But, he is in a position where he has to think about how to give hers to her so that it is hers, not that of another.

Therefore, the choice he makes becomes “power”. He is only a participant when his actions are taken under a “constraint”.

Therefore, he needs to take responsibility for the choices he makes, he needs to be respectful of the choices made by others, he needs to be a good teacher.

He may want some control over the situation but not all

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