Can a woman be a tenor? – How To Practice Cricket At Home In Tamil

Can a woman be a tenor? – How To Practice Cricket At Home In Tamil

A trumpeter? A harpist? A carpenter? A musician? A writer?

A woman can only be one of these.

As a result, the only choice for a woman would be to be a man, and become some variation of the male category. This could be a woman writing love songs, who became an author, or, in the case of those with male names (William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, etc.) whose books are celebrated, but whose characters are generally men.

In conclusion, you can’t simply say: women are women. Being a woman is not simply one part of being one of a number of options.

* If that were true, why did the Catholic Church choose to ordain only women? The answer, I believe, is that we have a different view of women than men.

If you accept that women are women, but do not accept the church’s claim that marriage, with all its benefits, can be enjoyed by all in the same way as a man, then the only option would again be to change the definition of “male” to “female”, and say that it is the same as a woman or boy.

Or else, if you believe that women deserve equal rights as men, but do not accept the church’s claim, then only a woman’s wedding would be recognised as legitimate.
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The Church’s answer is that it has a different view of women than men, and has had enough pressure not to go ahead with this.

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