Who qualifies for a boiler grant? – Australian Government Benefits For Small Business Owners

Who qualifies for a boiler grant? – Australian Government Benefits For Small Business Owners

The application for a boiler grant is completed by the landlord and an independent inspector. There is no time limit for the inspection. As a result, this is one of the most thorough and cost effective way to determine the best boiler for your home.

What information is required for a boiler grant?

The application must include the following:

• The location of the boiler

• Size and weight

• The amount of heat produced and energy saved

This information must be written clearly, including measurements.

Does an inspector check to see if there are any problems and to make sure they are fixed as recommended by the boiler consultant?

An inspector may check for problems by simply checking the boiler and checking any holes and crevices with a flashlight. There is no need for an examination by a qualified boiler consultant.

It is recommended that the boiler consultant take photographs and examine the boiler to ensure that it meets the needs of the new owner.

Is an inspector required or allowed to ask any questions regarding the boiler?

No. The applicant (or the consultant) will be the agent for the inspector. Neither the inspector nor builder must make questions or requests for information.

Is the inspector required to submit a completed application for a boiler grant?

No. If approved, the boiler grant may be reviewed by the inspector(s) for completeness and compliance.

If an inspector finds a problem, are you responsible for correcting the problem or is the consultant responsible until the problem is corrected?
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No. The applicant (or the boiler consultant), but not the inspector, are responsible for correcting any problem with your home boiler.

Is the inspector permitted to make changes within the time period and can the consultant make the modifications without the permission of the applicant?

Yes, the inspector and consultant may do so.

Who is the inspector(s)?

A licensed inspector, or an unlicensed contractor, is required for this function and will provide advice as to how to best obtain the boiler grant.

What should I do if the inspector does not give me a boiler grant application?

If an inspector does not give your boiler a boiler grant, you have the right to apply again for a boiler grant. It is your responsibility to do so so as to meet the terms of the grant.

Will I know the amount of money I will need to spend to buy my new boiler?

No. The amount to be

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