What is the USA funding grant? – 7000 Government Grant

What is the USA funding grant? – 7000 Government Grant

The USA is sending $100 million to Israel, and then sending another $1 billion to the Palestinian Authority in West Bank and Gaza Strip. USA funds include financial support for civil society groups, research, training, and development.

Who did the USA pay for the $100 million?

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The USA spent $100 million funding the Arab League and European Union, at that time they were discussing a peace plan. The money supports programs that train civil society, media and development institutions, and also to support and assist in monitoring activities.

Why does the USA help the Palestinians?

At the time of the creation of the State of Israel, many believe Israel’s goal is to get a majority of the territory of the former British colony of Palestine back. The USA sees Palestinian sovereignty as a vital component for peace.

What is the Palestine Liberation Organization?

The PLO, or Palestine Liberation Organization, is the successor of the Palestinian National Authority (the original government was dissolved by force at the time a peace deal was to be reached). At least as early as 1967, the PLO and an array of nationalist forces have fought against international pressure from Arab countries to settle in their traditional territory.

What is Hamas?

Hamas is a nationalist Palestinian political party with a history of terrorist attacks and armed attacks against Israel. It was formed by former members of the Fatah political party. Although initially seen as radical and extreme, many of the founding members were former members of Fatah who broke away from Fatah. Today it has about 50,000 active members.

Which was the most deadly terrorist attack that Hamas carried out since it was founded in Gaza?

The most deadly attack that Hamas carried out since it was founded in Gaza was the 2008 terror attack in Jerusalem’s Old City when four suicide bombers killed 19 Israelis. Another eight Israelis were injured.

The US has not yet said whether it believes that a Palestinian state is the necessary step to bring peace to the Middle East. But US Treasury Department Secretary Jack Lew on Monday reiterated that the US is not looking to impose a Palestinian state through military force on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights in order to ease the conflict. So, is the UN the place to have this conversation?

The Palestinian Authority is a sovereign democratic state that has a right to peacefully negotiate an agreement but has neither the power nor the will to negotiate itself into making a decision in this conflict that would create an enduring peace.

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