What is the new DHHS program? – Government Grants For Individuals For Free

What is the new DHHS program? – Government Grants For Individuals For Free

Under the DHH Health Benefits Program, people who meet all the requirements of the program in addition to being at least 21 years of age can receive coverage. The DHH program includes a “bridge” period for people who need additional time to make payments on current claims and to change insurance companies until they become eligible. The bridge period runs from September 30th, 2017, to October 31st, 2017.

What is the bridge period?

In the bridge period, people who meet certain criteria are given time to make the payments they need to change their health insurance before entering the market as a new enrollee. Each of these “transition steps” has to happen before a year of continuous coverage, so people have some time to decide what type of health insurance they want.

How do I qualify to receive the DHH health benefits program?

People who meet the eligibility requirements and are ready to change insurance companies are eligible for DHH. The transitional “bridge” period lasts from September 30th, 2017 to October 31st, 2017 while people make new claims and make additional payments to qualify for continuing coverage.

What if I need more than the DHH program can provide?

Many people who need more time to pay up are still able to receive the DHH benefits program. The bridge period does not provide additional time to pay claims or to change coverage companies once the bridge period ends. Once one or both of these things are complete, people who are not on the bridge during the transition period are required to reenter the Marketplace by February 15.

What if I do not meet all the requirements for DHH coverage but still want to use the program?

There are exceptions. For those who want to receive a financial hardship exemption, if their income is at least 70% of the Poverty Level, and if their income does not exceed the federal Poverty Line, they can receive coverage under the DHH Medical Loss Ratio. If you have a small business and you elect to create an exemption for yourself and your employees, you may be eligible.

What are the benefits of purchasing health insurance in the Marketplace?
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The ACA also provided subsidies to help purchase insurance for people who have limited income or who are self-employed. This includes both people who are paying the full amount (for individuals and families) and those who are paying a percentage (for small businesses) or a fixed amount (for all jobs) of the Marketplace premium. The costs of the plan are based on your income

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