What is the new DHHS program? – Describe What You Will Use The Money For

What is the new DHHS program? – Describe What You Will Use The Money For

The new DHHS program is targeted at improving the health outcomes of people with HIV, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis, who are known to be at increased risk for premature death. It targets health providers to work with patients to improve their health outcomes including better medication adherence; improved weight management; and improved quality of life. Through this, the federal government is focused on helping people stay healthy longer rather than having to deal with other health issues.

What is the timeline for getting the new programs in place?

Initially, the new programs will be implemented by 2018. Under the current health law, the federal government does not currently pay for people to go into treatment with HIV and hepatitis C. As soon as the federal government implements this new program, it will pay for people to go into treatment with those diseases.

What is the federal government’s plan to expand the program for people with other health conditions?

The current health law does not allow money to fund people with other health conditions to enter treatment with those diseases. The new programs will replace what funds are currently allocated towards such services. This includes programs on health care including prescription drugs, counseling, and screening for STDs.

How does the new program address funding gaps?

The federal program will be funded in two ways. First, there will be an upfront payment of $2,000 per patient to start in 2018. Second, the federal government will be offering a matching grant program with up to $100,000 in matching payments for each $100 per resident per year.

Do patients who already receive Medicaid or other Medicaid funds have access to the new funding?

Yes. People with Medicaid as well as other Medicaid funding in New Jersey do not need to wait for the new DHHS funds. People who receive a federal grant to expand their health insurance can receive these funds in 2019.

What additional federal programs will be created using the new money?

Currently, the federal government provides for additional care for people with diabetes that is administered through the Medicare program. The government will fund diabetes research for the first time through the Health Resources and Services Administration, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ agency that administers the Medicare program. Further, the federal government will fund people with HIV treatment and prevention, including testing and prevention, as well as HIV education. Funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide care for people who served in the armed forces, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development will provide emergency rental assistance

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