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Maxed grant will give a larger bonus than the base value of the skill.

Why are the bonuses smaller if you take a bigger skill?

We believe that the bigger skill, the better it is and therefore we need to give you more skills to make it better. This may make the current system more expensive than it needs to be.

Do you still have ideas to improve this system? Or would you prefer to have a different way?

Maybe, we may not have any ideas for improvement at all. The system could be improved in the future, as you can imagine!

If it were the same in all games, how would you rate the current system in terms of the skill distribution? Is it fair. Would you like to change this?

We think that the current system is a fair and reasonable one.

A game like FTL could benefit greatly from making it more fair in the skill distribution.

The system should provide more points and not less.

Can we keep the points on the character for as long as possible?

Yes, you can keep these points for as long as you like, as long as you have the points.

Can we make it so you are required to use the skill to get some of the points in the skill? For example, we could make a skill that does 10 damage but it will require you to use your ship to get all of the points.


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How would you feel about making a system where you only get points for killing other players? If we give this system, you might end up killing other players but they would get a larger bonus than other players.

This is a very hard question and we would like to stay away from this.

Do you think you have enough time to make something like this (or a version that does not restrict skills and instead rewards players?

In the last 4 years we added new content and fixed bugs in the system. Currently the system is not broken.

What would your favorite feature be in FTL that you did not add?

I think there would be a lot of people to add it if not for a lot of rules/rules violations.

Any plans to introduce free flight in Star Citizen, especially the one with the flight school where you can learn all the skills in a single year?

We haven’t decided if we would consider adding free flight as a future feature.


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