What is the Government Green Grant Program? – Government Grants To Homeowners

What is the Government Green Grant Program? – Government Grants To Homeowners

If your family received the Government Green Grant Program, you were a beneficiary of the Green Grant Program for the 2016–2017 tax year. A beneficiary is defined as having:

been a resident or domiciled in Canada in 2016–2017; or

been eligible to receive the Government Green Grant Program for at least 6 months prior to the end of the tax year in which the information was obtained.

If your income was above the provincial/territorial guideline of the year preceding the tax year in which you are filing your income tax return, you have to use the formula of 1% for the first 30 days and the following 60 days of the tax year, whichever is higher.

If your income was below the provincial/territorial guideline, you have to use the formula of 12% for the first 60 days and 14% thereafter.

If you became a recipient of the Green Grant Program, you can still have someone else pay the tax on the money you used to claim the grant. For more information, see section “New Recipients of Program.”

How do I use the program?

Note A Green Grant Program beneficiary and beneficiary’s spouse or common-law partner are considered one individual. To include dependants living with or receiving from your eligible recipient in determining income for tax purposes, include them and each of their dependent children and grandchildren or great grandchildren.

You can apply for the Grant in Canada from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), your local tax services office and/or through Income Tax & Benefit Transfers with your tax return.

Find out how to apply for the grant here.

You can apply for the grant in Canada by submitting Form T4085. If applying by mail, send a copy of the application to T4-GPCP, PO Box 3138, Toronto, ON M5A 5R6. If you have not submitted your income tax return by mail and have your CRA receipt number, you can also submit the application in writing and request a copy of it. If not, you can download the application form.

You can use the CRA’s online eligibility assessment tool, called MyFinder, to find claimants who are also eligible for the grant. After you’ve found the appropriate beneficiary for you, you can pay the tax using the online application form (see above) by filling out its instructions.

Income Tax Act rules apply. If your grant was not claimed as a deduction on your

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