What is the Government Green Grant Program? – Federal Government Grant 2020 Usa

What is the Government Green Grant Program? – Federal Government Grant 2020 Usa

The Government Green Grant Program is a competitive program which rewards projects that create significant job opportunities. A project must generate at least $5,000 in new private investment through private investment in the first year and $7,000 in any subsequent year.

Who may apply?

The application deadline is January 13, 2015.

What determines which projects are eligible to be awarded a grant?

All applicants receive a competitive evaluation.

You must meet the eligibility requirements to apply for a new grant. To determine how your application will be evaluated, please read your application carefully. You will be asked basic questions about your project and financial plan, and your application will be evaluated based on those answers, subject to the eligibility requirements.

What types of projects may be eligible?

New and established businesses may apply and you are eligible to apply if you have:

1,200-2,000 square feet of new or existing commercial real estate or land

One of:

New buildings and additions that exceed 1,000 square feet, or

New facilities that are:

New, or

A combination of new building/addition or building/installation within 1,000 total square feet

You must provide documentation of successful completion of the project by the close of June 2016.

How does the evaluation work?

The evaluation for the Government Green Grant Program will be based upon a combination of one of the following criteria:

Business case

Application status

Business plan

Assessments are made based upon the following steps:

Step 1: Evaluation of business case (case study)

When the evaluation is completed the program officer will determine, based upon the business case, whether the project would meet the requirements for further evaluation to determine whether a government grant is appropriate.

Step 2: Evaluation of application status

After the evaluation is completed, the case officer receives and reviews the application documentation in person. The case officer looks over the project details, assesses business plan and financial plan, business development experience and is asked a series of basic questions.

Step 3: Evaluation of business case

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If the evaluation determines that the project is eligible to be awarded a grant, then:

The case officer will schedule a meeting with the business

The business is invited back to the case office for a two-hour follow up meeting.

The Business, project sponsor or case officer will be provided information about

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