What is DHHS financial program? – How To Apply For Free Government Grants Legally Prohibit

Each year, it works closely with states on a new federal program, called the Health Resource and Protection Administration, which is also intended to improve conditions in nursing homes and to improve quality care and services.

The $20 billion per year program is designed to:

Reduce costs at federal health facilities by requiring them to pay Medicare premiums, deductibles and co-payments for many services, including preventive visits and tests, behavioral health services, drug rehab for addiction and mental health services for mentally ill patients, and home care for mentally ill patients

By ensuring that federal funds are focused on nursing homes with the highest levels of chronic disability and to improve patient and staff health

By encouraging community-based providers of home care services to apply for Medicare Part D services to reduce costs as much as possible

To provide for state oversight of the program, which currently covers about 50 percent of federal funds

To be funded by voluntary contribution from state, county, and hospital governments and Medicare beneficiaries

For a list of approved services, contact health.gov/dhhs/index.shtml.

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