What is a service grant? – Government Funding For Women Starting A Business

What is a service grant? – Government Funding For Women Starting A Business

The basic requirements for a service grant are the provision of a service by the government, that will be provided at no cost to the individual or organisation and that will be provided in a way that is flexible enough to meet an individual’s or organisation’s needs. This should include: the cost of goods and services;

the time that the goods or services are provided;

the level of access to services provided; and

the conditions that must apply during the service.

How can I apply for a service grant?

You do not need to undertake any work to apply for a service grant.

You can apply for a service grant if:

you have already paid the tax payable on the amount that you received;

you have not received the first payment for a service that you have requested in your tax return for the year and your application is still pending; or

you have been granted a service grant but there is a delay in the delivery of the service.

The Minister for Finance will review all service grants to ensure that the needs of the community are being met.

What if I have already paid the GST or the HST?

For some service grants you may have already paid the GST or the HST. If so, there is no need to apply for any service grant as the amounts are included in your overall income or taxable income. For example, if you have already paid the GST or the HST on the purchase of an item such as a television or radio equipment, you do not need to apply for the service grant as your income would already be lower by the amount that you paid. Your income would be increased by the amount of the service grant paid as well.

What are the different types of service grants I can apply for?
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There are two basic types of service grant. There are also three “special services grants”.

Special services grants are paid in a lump sum payable when the grant, or one or more extensions, is applied. Their main purpose is to encourage people to take up a particular new service. They can be given to students, people who are on disability payments (DSP) and the elderly.

General purpose grants are paid on a monthly basis. They help those who need it most, such as the blind or those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. The grants are given to businesses, including business owners.

General purpose grants must be for an average of 12 months. However, any grant

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