What is a gradient grant? – Free Government Grants For Women Owned Businesses

What is a gradient grant? – Free Government Grants For Women Owned Businesses

A gradient grant enables a university, academic or research unit to apply for funds to pay for the research that is being conducted in an area of special research interest on behalf of the university.

Where do I apply?

Students who wish to apply for a gradient grant should first register for the degree programme course. The course syllabus and the application form may be found online at the University’s Registrar’s Office website.

Gradient Grants are not available for undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree modules. Therefore, it is vital that you register for the application forms before you commence any course course – although we will not be able to make it more easy for students with a disability or who are learning at a lower level.

Where can I find out more?

2006 Guide to Federal Grants and Government Assistance to ...
Gradual Grants may be made to eligible students on course enrolment at a university or academic unit. The amount of the grant may not be reduced by any deductions such as living costs; research and teaching assistantships; studentship expenses (see the UCAS application form); and fees.

Further information may be available from us using our ‘Gradient Grants’ section on this website or in various media.

Graduate Support Fee

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