What is a direct grant? – Apply For Free Government Grants For Single Moms

What is a direct grant? – Apply For Free Government Grants For Single Moms

Direct grant (aka direct state aid) is a form of public funding which can be transferred between state, federal or foreign governments.

Examples include social protection and health policy. An example of a direct grant to health is a transfer from health or social protection funds to any private health provider, to help them pay for an NHS or charity hospital charge. Or an example of direct funding is using a grant from the Commonwealth Development Programme to fund an education project which takes people on a rural project.

The term direct state grant describes any type of government funding to be used directly by one government or another government without any need for approval in Parliament or the Legislative or Executive Departments.

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A direct grant can be to the state, to a company, to the private sector, to a private non-profit organisation, be funded by direct transfer or by donation (see below for the basics).

For more information about direct grants to charitable bodies see the links below.

Who may apply?

An applicant can be a private non-profit organisation or the government of a state as well as any person registered to hold any office under the Commonwealth government.

You should apply for aid under the following circumstances:

If you are considering applying for direct grant and would like to know more about how to apply, visit the government website.

If you can’t apply for direct grant and a state or Commonwealth government will be paying your grant, ask the state or Commonwealth government where the grant will be paid.

How to apply

A private non-profit organisation must apply for funding via the Commonwealth Grants Portal. To start, log on to the website, or send an email to grant@gcs.gov.au. Read each section of the application. If you don’t see a link to one of the applications below, or if you have questions, contact our staff at grants@gcs.gov.au.

Apply for one of three ways

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Apply as an employer for direct grant funding. Please be prepared to provide your employees’ full name, address and date of birth. Provide a link to your website (e.g. www.gcs.gov.au ). Include contact details, including that your application is accepted and that a request is being made to provide a document to support an application. For a full list of documents needed, please click here. Contact the Queensland Grants Office (QGO) for

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