What exactly is a grant? – Victorian Government Covid 19 Small Business Grants

What exactly is a grant? – Victorian Government Covid 19 Small Business Grants

The main criteria is that all applicants must have a minimum financial contribution of £50.

This money will be used for travel, registration and the publication of the programme.

Applicants must also provide information for all of their friends, supporters and colleagues.

When does the grant run, and who will decide when to start?

The grant runs until October 30 2015.

It will be announced in the annual budget document of the Scottish Government.

What does a grant look like if you become interested to join a project?

Grant applicants to have a say in choosing the final outcome of any project of the Scottish Government grant should make applications of a length and value that allows you to contribute what they like to their research.

Can I join the project, if it sounds interesting?

If you do a project of the Scottish Government grant, an individualised grant will need to be agreed in written form at the project start date. This grant will allow you to participate in all aspects of the research, including the design of the study, implementation, analysis and reporting of findings as well as the communication of results.

The grant cannot be used for any other purposes, apart from this grant or any other individualised grant, nor for another study of the Scottish Government grant.

For further information, or an application form for an individualised grant, or more detail about the Scottish Government Grant, please see the Scottish Government website at www.scotland.gov.uk or phone 0141 221 4444.

If you would like more information on the grant process, see our recent article on ‘Grant applications for the Scottish Government Grant’.

Information for the Scottish Government

The Department has published its Scottish Government grant scheme, which offers competitive financial support to Scottish researchers on a range of priority research projects.

The scheme provides £50 per year per applicant as a grant for initial research, with further support given over a period of up to seven years.

The Scottish Government grant scheme is open to Scottish researchers in all disciplines, including all disciplines in education, technology, medicine and the arts.

The scheme runs from 1 May 2014 to 30 September 2018.

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