What exactly is a grant? – Government Grants For Rental Assistance

Grant is defined as a grant for which a recipient has been awarded a license of the federal government, through the department of the treasury. In other words, you can’t grant money to a tax exempt foundation or non-profit organization. The purpose of grants is to stimulate entrepreneurial ideas and creativity, but not necessarily to support government projects.

Why do they apply and when do they have to be approved?

The regulations allow for two different types of grants at different times. Most importantly, once they are approved they can be used to fulfill the grants made before. The process takes time and takes the knowledge and skills of the recipient and the tax payer. There can only be one grant made and one recipient.

Can I apply for a grant that could use my business name or logo in some way?

If you wish to make a contribution to a charity or non-profit foundation at the request of a non-taxable organization, then you are permitted to do so. Otherwise, your corporation may not become a grant recipient with that company.

It is also illegal to make a contribution if you are using your own name for your business. A corporation can get money from the government through grants but it cannot be made a corporate grant recipient, with your own name! If this applies, your corporation is breaking U.S. law! They are the last person to get an extra tax bracket break.

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Why do nonprofit organizations need a 501(c)4 or non-profits do not?

Before starting a business or becoming a nonprofit organization, they have to be legally categorized as a corporation if they are not already so. 501(c)4’s do not have to disclose the business name or logos. 501(c)8’s must provide the names of the organization’s managers.

What if I have children who need a home for shelter and I have no idea how to start it?

There is a variety of resources in place to help families with the costs of running a home including home equity loans and foreclosure prevention loans. Please contact your home improvement loan broker or a local attorney before doing anything. A real estate counselor, attorney or local housing association can be helpful.

If I have a house that needs major repairs or needs significant investment from me to buy it, what can I do for the taxpayer?

You can give money towards the repairs. You can give money towards the maintenance so that the owner is satisfied so it can be purchased to have a

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