What are hardship funds? – Dhhs Program Requirements

What are hardship funds? – Dhhs Program Requirements

We do not receive direct government funding, but many of our customers do. When we meet needs of a community through the charity of friends or family, we also work with other charities or non-profits to help support the residents. We only use our own funds in such instances.

What other organizations help me?

Not only charities help us to build houses, gardens, and schools, but many independent or grassroots groups and individuals do the same. Many of these groups are community gardens, small businesses, and business owners. They provide an outlet for people to create new things, build and maintain things, and share the proceeds. Many community houses in this region are not supported by government nor other charities. These are the organizations most likely to help us to create houses and build gardens:

Local non-profit groups
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Community garden advocates, many of whom volunteer their time

Harmonized farmers’ markets and community centres

Individuals who volunteer their time

Local businesses who sell produce, or services such as plumbing or electricity, to the poor

The following people have helped us and our projects:

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