What are discretionary grants? – Government Funding For Small Businesses Scotland

Dispensing of discretionary grants are generally a grant of a fixed amount. They are grants given to individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations to help defray their costs related to managing a facility or to improve the facility.

How can a facility be improved?

The most commonly requested funds are capital costs which are the costs paid to build, upgrade or construct a building.

Can I claim back an amount I originally gave to the organization?

Yes, you may claim back any money you originally provided to the organization. A tax deduction for your portion of the donation may be allowable. A return must be filed, with a copy to the Department of Finance.

Is there any tax benefit or deduction in a grant that would be granted back to the applicant?

No, a grant is given to a charity, and not to the individual who provided the grant. Also keep in mind that a grant provides no deduction or advantage.

How can I claim reimbursement from the government for grants given to a nonprofit?

A tax deduction may be available for government expenditure at an application form for reimbursement. Use the request form to provide the required documents that you need to claim back the grant that was made through the Canadian Red Cross, to request reimbursement. If the application form is filled out, and received, it will be sent to the CRA in the mail.

Can I apply for a charitable donation tax credit?

The Canada Revenue Agency is pleased to offer you a charitable tax credit, which will reduce your charitable donation tax liability to almost zero when you claim a refund. It’s just a $25 tax amount per return; that amount is deductible in the year of the donation. For example, if you donated $1,000 to a charity in 2002, your donation tax would be reduced to $700, or $1 off. This is available for any donation where the proceeds of the donation are more than $25. If the gift is less than $25, you’re not eligible. The CRA is trying to reduce your gift tax liability by offering a small tax credit on your return for donations exceeding $25. Check with your individual return.

How do I claim non-refundable deductions?

We recommend you check with your department of finance regarding the specific refundable expenses you may be entitled to claim, and then you can consult a tax advisor. The applicable regulations in the province or territory you reside in will determine if some type of reimbursement is available. Consult your return

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