How do you qualify for a business grant? – Government Grants For Home Repairs In Ohio

How do you qualify for a business grant? – Government Grants For Home Repairs In Ohio

You meet all the eligibility requirements for a business grant:

the business applicant is licensed by Saskatchewan’s Business Licensing Branch or the Business Improvement Centre; and

their business is:

furnished or operated for profit by the applicant; and

in the hands of an applicant who holds a federal tax-exempt business (a “FBA”) licence.

For any entity which is not a FBA, to be eligible for a business grant, you must:

be based in Saskatchewan, and

have a full-time employee who works in Saskatchewan as their sole or principal occupation. This includes the owner of a business.

For more information, see the Licensing Information and Assessment Policy and Program Guide. If I already have a business grant, where can I apply for additional business support?

A business grant is only used for additional business support for a single business. The application for business support must be submitted to Saskatchewan’s business licence program directly and it is not eligible for a financial assistance grant.

If you have already met your business assistance eligibility requirements and receive a business grant, you may apply directly to the Business Improvement Centre or to the Business Licensing Branch for financial assistance through the Business Enhancement Program. To do this, follow the directions for the Business Improvement Program in the Licensing Information and Assessment Policy and Program Guide.

Note: If you had already received a business grant or have been awarded a Business Enhancement Program grant, your grant has expired and you may still apply directly to the Business Enhancement Program.

Will an employee be considered to be an employee while on a business grant?

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Yes. Employees are eligible for a business grant if they have been employed on a full-time basis, and the employee participates on a regular and periodic basis in and receives remuneration for their work. In order to be considered an employee and not a full-time employee you must have received a notice of employment from the business in the form of an employment record with the Saskatchewan Employment Insurance Office. You will be required to submit this record if you want to request a business grant.

Where will my business grant money go?

A business grant goes to support:

the construction and development of the business premises and associated equipment or services;

the purchase or rental of supplies to carry on the business activity or service;

the operation of the business in the province’s labour force; and

the support of the employee’s household for

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