How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – List Of Government Grants For Individuals

How do I apply for a free boiler grant? – List Of Government Grants For Individuals

Applicants complete an online form at for their applications. The application must be received no later than January 4, 2008. Those who have already applied must submit an e-mail with a copy of their completed application by mid-December.

For those who have not applied for a free boiler grant, please visit our boiler/grant grants directory at . The directory lists various state awards, as well as a private donor boiler grant and a charitable grant.

Will my application need to be written?

Yes, your application must be submitted online at If you have questions about your application, please contact the Foundation office at [email protected]

How long will I be assessed?
Winning a Government Grant for Your Nonprofit

The Boiler Grant Foundation’s assessment process is based on cost as well as program level. For each project, the Foundation evaluates the number of units of water and the volume of water produced. Those projects that exceed the foundation’s assessed cost may receive an increase.

How much can I expect to gain out of my project?

You can expect to receive a bonus based on the volume and cost of your project.

What if my project has a large quantity of water?

Please contact the Boiler Grant Foundation at [email protected] as soon as you get your project to gauge its impact. We will need your financial information, the project history, and the total quantity of water. Any project with more than 15 units of water will likely require a payment plan.

Do my project results count towards the Boiler Grant grant?

Yes, your results will be counted as units of water production if you are awarded a bonus. As shown in the chart above, a project that produces 35 units of water is eligible for a bonus if it meets our assessment cost requirement and if its aggregate quantity of water production is no greater than 15 units.

Will I receive a bonus for having fewer units of water than expected?

Yes, in many cases your project will not need to exceed the estimated assessment cost. For example in some areas you may need to develop less water than expected so that your project may qualify.

Do I need to have been in the business a year or more to qualify?

No, to be awarded a Boiler Grant your project needs to already be operating. The Boiler Grant does not

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