How can I get a government grant? – How To Find Free Money

How can I get a government grant? – How To Find Free Money

A number of state-issued government grants are open to eligible applicants:

All three of the following may be eligible, depending on the nature of the program:

The College at the University of Maryland: $350,000 Grant for Students with Educational Disabilities

The Maryland Center for Rehabilitation Studies. $10,000 grant for graduate students who conduct research on community development and social services

The Maryland Society for the Study of the Elderly (MSE). $7,000 grant for a graduate student who conducts clinical research and publishes in social science journals on the health of seniors

Student Development Grant (SDG) program offered by Drexel University. $6,600 (2 full-time students) and $2,400 for a one-time undergraduate student with a $2,600 student loan for the first year.

University College at Buffalo (UCCA) program for low-income students. $2,900 for a two-year professional degree

University of Maryland Graduate School of Management (UMGM). $4,900 grant for graduate students to conduct research, engage in community service, or develop a course of study on the social and economic problems facing underserved areas

How should I choose where to apply?

The following three sources of information can help you decide which grant program is right for you.

The Student Development Program Office website provides information on more than 30 state programs available to qualified students and their families.

For more information on the grant program in your state, please contact the UMPO on 1-800-462-7700.

How do I apply?

For information on the various grant programs, please visit the Student Development Program Office website or call the Student Development Program Office at 1-888-462-7700.

Will the $5,000 grant program help me save on tuition?

No, the Student Development Grant does not pay for financial aid. The Department of Education (DoE) uses the UMPO to evaluate grants awarded by universities to students.

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