Do I qualify for free loft? – Emergency Rent Grants

Do I qualify for free loft? – Emergency Rent Grants

What if my loft is large? Or you want to put it outside with lots of space? There are more loft options than just the standard 1 to 26″ space on our list for these types of buildings. We also list loft spaces that are over 31″ in diameter.

I live in a college dorm, and my college students do not like your loft concept. Is it any good?

Your students do not really enjoy your loft concept. They like a regular, one-story home. In other words, all of our students. The loft concept is very useful for students that want to live in high-demand apartments that cost more, but where their parents can afford to live there too.

Does the loft cost anything? Is it just me paying rent and the cost of supplies or is there a commission?

The space is not expensive, however the loft does require several hours of preparation by the loft designer (so be ready to come in and make sure all the materials are in place). Since this is a temporary program, no commission is charged.

How do I start using the loft?

The loft is very simple to incorporate into your new home. There are many options to choose from, so here are a few common options. We do provide a starter kit that includes instructions on how to install our equipment and an in-house loft designer.

How many people can use the loft? Can your clients work there on different floors?

We do not have any restrictions on numbers. If someone has limited space in one of our spaces, a third floor is often ideal. However, we do recommend checking with our loft designer with a full understanding of your needs before you begin.

Where can I get a sample loft?

Here are samples of the loft designed by other companies. We hope you will enjoy this one!

Which areas of the building have I fit-out space available?

This loft will be open to all floors of your home. However, the loft designer is also open to all options you choose for how you fit this system in to your home.

Where can I find a qualified loft designer?

We are a highly skilled team of professionals. They often have years of experience or years of designing a variety of loft systems. If you are looking for our expertise, we would love to help! If you prefer to work with someone who lives in the area, we can assist with that.

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