Do I qualify for a free boiler UK? – Usagovernmentgrants.Org Scammer Definition

Do I qualify for a free boiler UK? – Usagovernmentgrants.Org Scammer Definition

No, a free boiler has to be offered in order to be eligible for the UK’s free entitlement at home to water and sanitation as well as electricity.

Is a free hot water boiler the same as a free steam boilers?

The difference between hot water cold and hot water hot boilers is that hot water cold boilers use heat produced by boiling water to evaporate the water, while hot water hot boilers use electricity to produce steam which is then pushed through the plumbing system through ducting.

I live in the UK & I can’t get a free boiler. Do I qualify for free water & sanitation (FWE)?

No. As of September 2018, free FWE is only available to those UK residents who have at least an annual household income of £39,500 and are eligible to free water and sanitation. (Source: NHS Water in the UK)

I get a notice of entitlement for a free water boiler (if my household income is above £39,500) does this mean that I’ll get the free entitlement for all the home fixtures?

No. In order to qualify for the free boil, and free water entitlement, all the hot water and cold water must be bought separately from a private company licensed for the premises you are renting.

Any remaining charges for the free supply of cold water or hot water are non-refundable.

Free water boiler qualification criteria

You must not have paid or been paid to get the free boiler, you have to qualify free water and utilities with the same person that rented the boiler from you. So if you have a landlord who pays you for a boiler, you can’t qualify for free water or utilities from them for free.

You must not have received the boiler from another person.

You must have an annual household income within income brackets and you must not be exempt because of your income qualification.

What are the free boiler regulations?

A person who:

Has a valid certificate to supply gas or electricity (where the supply of electricity is limited);

Is licensed to supply electricity (if a electricity license is not provided);

Has a valid Certificate to supply gas (where the gas supplied is supplied for use in residential occupiers as an integral part of their home by the supplier); or

Can supply any of the following for the installation or maintenance of the boiler, or the installation and maintenance of the services: plumbing; lighting; heating; ventilation

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