Can pensioners get a grant for a new boiler? – Us Government Housing Grants 2020-2021

Can pensioners get a grant for a new boiler? – Us Government Housing Grants 2020-2021

Yes, there may be a pensioner grant available through a Local Government Grant Scheme.

What type of financial aid can I expect from my local authority?

The local authority does not provide any specific financial aid, but they will advise us on which offers they will accept.

Are local agencies required to give advice on pensioner grants?

Local agencies are not required to give a pensioner grant unless they have previously applied to our scheme. This means any local agency has no obligation to advise if you are applying for a pensioner grant. Instead the local authority can only tell you which of their financial assistance schemes they will accept.

Why do the Local Authorities not give a pensioner grant?

There are a number of reasons. We will look at these at the time you apply.

How long is the application process?

It often takes two or three weeks to complete your application, but it’s entirely up to them what they think the outcome will be.

If they tell you that you can start applying, how many days will you be given? That’s another issue, and depends on your area. Some local authorities may not allow you to begin the grant process until you have already given them your evidence.

Why are there no financial aids in the local authority grants scheme?

The Local Government Grant Scheme is specifically designed for people that need help with retirement and for people that cannot afford to have a new boiler.

It’s only for people who have a problem with their boiler, or where there have been problems with their boiler (like a broken pressure regulator).
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If you have an issue with your boiler but don’t have a financial support plan, the local authority won’t recognise the grant. They also won’t provide specific assistance.

How long for the Financial Counselling Service?

The Financial Counselling Service only needs to be applied to once. If you are a new applicant for a grant we need to know what is required to apply.

If you have not already been referred to their Financial Counselling Service you can apply for more information on our website, and make an appointment for your first meeting.

Are there other options?

Yes, the Financial Counselling Service can help you to set up specific financial aids. It is also available for existing residents who can’t afford to have new boiler services.

If you have financial aid issues, we will work with you to develop a plan to set up a

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