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Unfortunately, we do not provide free boiler repairs. However, when you order items that need to be replaced, you can apply for a free replacement.

Is there any way of getting a boiler fixed within a set time or period?

We are more flexible than many people know. We can either let you know it’s going to be fixed (at no additional charge) right away or let you know it will take up to two weeks longer (at the cost of $9). But we’re committed to doing it right.

When it becomes too late to claim, can you still claim in some circumstances?

Yes, we can. Just contact us and say your boiler went bad. We’ll let you know whether you can claim through the normal procedure, or if your claim is rejected.

Can I complain about the service I’ve been given in the form of email or letter?

We’re happy to hear and read complaints, but we don’t always get that response in the time to respond. We generally advise you to email us and you’ll then be able to see what we can do to help.

If you’ve emailed us before or would like to follow-up, please write to us at Service NSW Customer Care, PO Box 528, Sydney, NSW 2001.

If you’re in any doubt, please call us on 1800 624 441. You can also phone our office directly on +61 3 9663 3364.

How much should I expect to pay for my boiler?

Our standard boiler repair charges do not include service and work. The actual amount of money you will pay depends on the type of repair and how much it affects the quality and age of your boiler. It is important to understand the full difference between these charges and normal retail charges.

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