Are all grants free? – Free Government Grants For Small Business Start Up

Are all grants free? – Free Government Grants For Small Business Start Up

Nope. Grants are often required for the majority of medical services in your area and in-house labs. They may be free to qualified students in certain areas and/or are paid in other areas based on a percentage of fees paid by the patient. There are various options for how much your student can be reimbursed.

Are labs free?

There is a cost to run the lab. We are happy to take a few hours of your time to run a simple test or two to make up the cost of lab service. In some areas there may even be a fee for this extra effort. But this is just the cost of setting up the setup and your test results.

How are the results processed?

You receive a report within a day or so after your test has been completed. It is an easy to read format and has a number of fields that are necessary to ensure the correct order is established for the test and the laboratory report. Once you receive the report the results will automatically be entered into your account.

What happens if we have a patient with multiple labs on file and a lab report for each lab on file?

We will need to contact both labs and inform them of the issue. This can take up to 30 minutes, so if you can avoid it don’t rush. When the patients labs have received the data we will send a memo to both labs to let them know their respective orders are correct.

How Do I Use My G&L?
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1. The Most Important Item in the G&L

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