Why does Shakira belly dance? – Ghawazee

Why does Shakira belly dance? – Ghawazee

It just happens.

“There were no specific instructions for me,” Shakira told the BBC. “I only said ‘let me show you how I like to dance’ when I was learning the choreography and I tried to find something with no dancing. It started out as just an exercise and soon I knew that this was it.”

But that was just the start. For years and years, from 1997 to 2011, Shakira has performed her belly dance on stage. What started as a workout has become quite a spectacle:

What’s Shakira’s secret?

A dancer’s ability to dance a particular move means he/she must have good coordination between two limbs. It’s the opposite of “stiletto ballet”, in which both feet are left to their own devices and it gives one an advantage in the movements required to perform the specific move. This was the secret behind a number of different dances, such as Zoube in Cinéma. As such, the moves required to perform “stiletto” was a key factor when it came to the dancing for the role.

But Shakira’s talent can be seen even in her body moves. During the dance, she often makes use of all-over dance moves that involve her arms, body and head being in contact at the same time with three different joints in front of her head. It’s a way in which she is able to work out just how many of those joints she is using.

In short, Shakira can do “stiletto, samba” in more ways than one.

Which of hers are you most interested in?

I’m interested in the dance as it relates to African American culture and I think it’s something I always find myself drawn to. It brings out the best and worst in people. There is this beautiful, dark, beautiful woman that you know and you can always be sure of the quality of her work and the fact that she has it all and it’s just something I’m fascinated by.

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