Who invented breakdancing? – Belly Dancing Songs Hindi

Who invented breakdancing? – Belly Dancing Songs Hindi

I love the answer I got when we had our first real breakdancing competition, and I’ll tell you, it was a lot of fun.

Nowadays there are more and more women breakdancing, and while some choose to compete, others just follow their passions. Why do some enjoy it and others do not? As with everything, I have personal experience of why some of the women I like to beat and others I try to avoid.

It’s Not a Man’s Game

I am not saying that women don’t have the right for self-expression, of course they do. That’s why they like to dance. However, being confident and confident in one’s self as a human being, is more important for women than for men.

I’ve watched many a lady perform a routine in a club that was completely inappropriate for her. Sure she was on stage there to entertain the crowd and make it seem like a fun party, but at the end of the night she came to me, gave me a hug and thanked me personally for the beautiful woman I had just made.

I would never think it was inappropriate. Yet, it was. Even if it wasn’t exactly the sort of music and looks that would make one question why they were up there dancing, it showed that she had a good sense of taste and was a little bit more comfortable.

The fact is, being confident in your own skin and having a sense of self are much more important and valued traits for women than they are for men in terms of sexual attraction.

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The fact is, not all men want to see women performing. They just don’t. Women can be as good dancers, musicians or even professional comedians as men, but they just don’t want to get into that male zone where we are trying to get laid.

If you don’t see a woman doing something she enjoys, you just won’t. You just don’t. I understand that women are looking for the thrill that men get when they step on stage and have a good time. I understand that many of them actually enjoy dancing, whether they know they like it or not.

In a way, I feel sorry for the ladies that never really had a chance when they were growing up to get off their buns and do something they found interesting or even just entertaining, or even to just enjoy doing something that made them feel good.

I’m not saying all women are like that, but in the end women will

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