Which country is famous for belly dance? – Shakira El Masri

Which country is famous for belly dance? – Shakira El Masri

Answer: United States

Ride on! This week’s theme for us is ‘The Power of Music’. The Power of Music is the first track off my new album which will be dropping in the future, and just what has this to do with the band? Well, listen and have my say in this month’s show.

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The Power of Music

The Power of Music was recorded in the summer of 2013 while I was in Australia. It was written and mixed in the summer of 2014 in an Adelaide studio that was part of The Living Room. My engineer and producer is a friend of mine from Australia and had been using this studio for years. It was a perfect location to record in with a clean studio setup with minimal lighting and the room really sounded natural; like an acoustic room. The track is a collaboration between myself and my friend Paul and the track is one of a few tracks that are in the ‘power of music’ album. It was recorded with the help of my friend Paul who has been working in video editing his whole life, working for many years as of late in the video industry and making an incredible amount of money in this area. Paul is a genius and it was only a matter of time that this project would end up being something awesome and I can’t wait to make its release!

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I’ve already submitted the petition, just to get a more

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