What is the meaning of belly dancing? – Belly Dancing Musically Songs

What is the meaning of belly dancing? – Belly Dancing Musically Songs

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Belly dancing is a form of exercise in which people move their backsides in response to pleasurable sensations. It’s a type of dance, which has been incorporated into some dance routines since the early 20th century.

It can be as simple as moving around and stretching legs, or you might do it with a partner.

An old school TV ad featuring Ronald Reagan’s famous “I’m not Ronald Reagan!” catchphrase will finally get aired as an HBO special this fall.

The spot aired in a series of ads over the years in the days leading up to the 1988 presidential election. Now its final run begins as the network’s coverage ramps up for the run-off to the fall general election. The final spot, featuring Reagan looking back on his presidency, will roll out on Saturday.

The new spot, also titled “Reagan,” features a montage of Reagan’s career highlights and the candidate’s “Reagan I’m not Reagan!” catchphrase.

“This is my farewell speech to you,” the president said, saying the spot honors the people involved. “For most of the year, life was so different from this summer of 1980. We were told to ‘put the economy first,’ and if that meant we went home one night and sat around the poker table and talked about what’s in store for the economy, we would have been the only people in the room.”

“But the economy is booming now,” the president said. “And so were all our hopes, dreams and aspirations.”

During that same speech, Reagan also talked about the “fiscal cliff” — a budget deal that was signed into law by his husband George W. Bush. “The problem, I believe, of Reaganomics, is that it failed to address the problems of the 1970s, when our economy had already crashed,” he said.

Watch the ad below:

About 200 supporters of the “Racist, Islamophobic, and Anti-Immigrant” Pegida organization were held hostage at a central Berlin shopping mall by an angry mob after their leader, Lutz Bachmann , failed to reach an agreement with the security guard at the site.

After more than 30 minutes of fighting, a handful of protesters managed to push themselves across an entrance at the centre of Berlin’s Kreuzberg region. According to Bild, a police spokesman said that “many” people involved in the fight were taken into custody and that several “terrorist” motives were in play.

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