What does belly dance do for your body? – Free Belly Dancing Videos Youtube Musicales

What does belly dance do for your body? – Free Belly Dancing Videos Youtube Musicales

It calms, it reduces stress, and it boosts physical stamina. And for an activity that’s so relaxing, you’re going to feel like a million bucks. If you’re not a professional dancer, I strongly recommend that you not have a belly dance routine. Just don’t feel like you need to. It’s not about looking good, or changing a number, and it probably won’t increase your energy or your metabolism, but it will help your body be healthier and more alert all in an hour to 90 minute session.

Belly dance is similar to weight lifting and yoga. Weight lifting is one of the most effective bodybuilding exercises of all-time.

It’s safe for children. If you’ve got kids, there is no reason the adult should be taking a break from exercise. For those of us who are over 40, I strongly recommend getting exercise back. You could lose over a hundred pounds, depending on your weight (at least) without the use of any drugs or supplements, just exercising regularly and getting your heart rate up. Belly dancing will do the same thing — and will give you that extra burst of energy that could make all the difference.


As I said, you can find belly dancing in almost any gym (although some establishments might not be in your area) that will let you try your hand at the act. You’ll need a few tricks, a partner, and a steady stream of money. I have a few of my own that I’ll be covering this summer.

How many calories do belly dancers burn?

Belly dancing burns a lot of calories. When you’re doing exercise like belly dancing or weight lifting, you burn about 1000 calories per hour, about 200 calories per minute. Not all belly dancers burn that much, and many don’t perform as much exercise as they have a right to, but this is going to be your goal. Most people will burn about 100 calories if they work out at least every other day (you can easily achieve that if you work out 4-6 days per week). You can always increase this up or decrease it. You can also increase the calories gained by dancing by adding in supplements or eating more. My favorite way to add more calories is by making some of the ingredients from your favorite healthy food items — like tofu, quinoa, or chicken breast — into a protein shake. I also try to make a protein shake twice a week that I can mix up on the fly at home.

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