Is belly dancing religious? – How To Belly Dance For Beginners Wikihow Main

Is belly dancing religious? – How To Belly Dance For Beginners Wikihow Main

By now you can’t blame anyone for wanting some good, clean entertainment. We all feel that if all your friends are religious we should do something, right? Maybe the last place you’d want to throw something that could possibly attract negative attention is an entertainment establishment.

The only problem with this reasoning is that it assumes that religion is something that you can choose to join or not, something people can do (maybe) and something that is “good” or not. In our secular society (if we could all admit that there was a distinction) there’s definitely a lot of cultural and social forces that are against a group or community forming any sort of organized religion. When we look at all those different barriers that are in it’s way, you would think that religion would be something people can choose to join or not, something that would “go hand in hand” with good behavior.
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I’m going to make the assumption that the majority are religious (although I can’t say it’s an exact 100%), but if I’m right (as I have no reason to doubt the fact that the majority of people are religious) then I’ll add that the majority of people participating in belly dancing will be religious, not just religious and religious that chooses belly dancing as his or her way to live.

Let’s say this is something people want to do. Let’s say it’s some form of spiritual or religious celebration (maybe it’s a dance off to their favorite spiritual song, maybe it’s dancing around a fireplace or candle-lit fire), so let’s just look at the “good” behavior that could lead to this being something that might attract a group of people that are participating in the event. We could talk about how people get “high” by dancing (which has been discussed in many of my previous articles and that should serve as an overview), how “dancing” is a part of many religions’ practices, how people don’t even have to say “God” in the same way that we don’t say God, so if a bunch of folks “dance” around, they don’t have to be saying the same thing as “Gods”, “The Great and Powerful”, some ancient prophet, or some king, or at least we shouldn’t think of dancing as a religious act.

The most likely activity that could lead to some form of positive attention being paid to those individuals is some form of body or facial expression that is considered either respectful of or a sign of respect (to God,

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